Gold Coin – Non-Canon Comic

My vacation comic! I drew this on the plane, did some edits in the hotel, arrangements on the way back, finalizing the day I got back. I’ll put out an ‘in-canon’ comic soon ^^

Calamari – 0071

This is probably one of my favorites I’ve done so far :3 We’re facing East here and those are the Waste Spires in the distance. She’s on top of one of the barracks buildings (the tallest in the Outrunner Outpost), and you can see the top of Mog and Langa’s tower off to her left…. Read more »

Mog’s Library – 0070

Poco has some reading to catch up on… and Mog never skips back-day. I have over 200 hours of leave time saved up at work, so next week I’m on vacation, BUT I’ll have a fresh comic for you none-the-less! When I get back, expect plane-ride comics like last time 😛 I saw a bunch… Read more »

Rock Out – 0069

Eep! *danger danger flailing* I’ve got another one in the pipe-line and a MASSIVE background ready for the following 3. Like… the most detailed background I’ve ever done (It’s a view from above the Outpost, facing towards the Waste Spires to the east… you can see it on the map on one of the previous… Read more »

Squeaky – 0068

Happy New Year! I hope you all join me in ringing in the New Year right and read a bunch of comics! :3 Thank you so much for joining me this year and I look forward to bringing you more pages 😀 If you share out my comics, it helps bring more folks to the… Read more »

Christmas 2017 – Non-Canon Comic

My original holiday comic was 19 panels long – no joke… well lots of jokes, but too long. I’ll prob try to do it next year. It was sweet. Whatever or however you celebrate this season, please be safe! If you’re with family, or friends, or bringing in the New Year solo, just remember to… Read more »

Body Language – 0061

Whelp… that line of questioning escalated quickly. As a function of this universe: Tula will likely have a ceaseless existence as a poltergeist at this point… it is reasonable to assume she’s had plenty of corporeal ‘friends’ as it were and all together plausible that she is doesn’t hold to monogamy as such. Life is… Read more »

Downside – 0060

Yes – she totally does roll in treasure. This comic rips my heart out every time I came back to rewrite it (since the world/chapter 1 took 2 years to develop properly so I could write the following chapters easily, it went through plenty of revisions). I love my OCs and want them to be… Read more »

Censored – 0056

‘Censored’ isn’t the actual title name, I just put a really terrible expletive there… ((jk)) Ok, so… this page changed from my original design QUITE a bit… I had a 3 panel gore-filled fight with Sun decidedly winning, but then I realized how few things in the fight I could show on any site I… Read more »