Welcome to Poco Adventures, one and all!
My little comic about the life and adventures of Poco the goblin, and her gang of comrades!

My name is Bryan (aka Revarien at times, on these world-wide-webs) and I’m telling a story in ‘small form’ (e.g. the roughly 3 panel form you will likely see in my comic), e.g. Poco.

Each strip will likely be 1-3 panels, and encompass an entire story beat (Story beats are the points of action upon which you hang your basic story). Some may be longer than 3 panels if warranted, but that will be rare.

It’s a high fantasy story told from the point of view of the “usual villains” from table-top games, fantasy novels, etc; however, most of the time you only get one side of that story – this is the other side of those stories.

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Sometimes I post previews of upcoming strips on Twitter @Pocoadventures

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What days do you update?

Mondays and a few Thursdays (e.g. I try to have an extra one Thursdays so you get 2 a week, but I make sure to hit Mondays!)

Do you have a Patreon/way to donate?

I do! https://www.patreon.com/Revarien It has a $1 teir reward that is essentially sketches of the comic strips. Nothing fancy, but if I get folks asking for more rewards or more patreons, I’ll make more reward levels 🙂

How can I help you?

Comments on the pages, sharing the pages, telling friends, going to one of the links above and favoriting/subscribing/liking a strip on stumbleupon, etc.

Do you do conventions?

Not yet and likely only if I get to cosplay 😛

Is your comic LGBTQ friendly?

Hecking yes! Only a few of the characters are straight and a couple aren’t cis. To further follow-up on this if you must know ‘why?’ I’m representing my friends/family that were influential to me in my comic and I’ve had the entire range of people in my life.

Is your comic Safe for Work (SFW)?

That really depends on the nature and culture at your work, honestly. I can promise you I won’t show full-nudity or extreme gore. There may be blood, violence, sexual situations (with no nudity!), exposed backs, exposed sides, abs, etc. If it gets extreme (such as a head cut off (swords and magic are violent after all!), it may be artistically depicted instead). I will curtail the language a bit too. I’d say it’s rated pg13-R depending on your views.

I didn’t know Sun was a woman!

Yup! My two leads are ladies. Sun is often clad in armor, and it’s also how we meet her, so it’s a bit hard to tell at first!