Calamari – 0071

This is probably one of my favorites I’ve done so far :3
We’re facing East here and those are the Waste Spires in the distance. She’s on top of one of the barracks buildings (the tallest in the Outrunner Outpost), and you can see the top of Mog and Langa’s tower off to her left.
Off in the distance to her left is… for later 😉

I’m on vacation this week, but if you leave a message, I’ll still try to respond ^^

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I cant wait to learn more about the Waste Spires even the name makes it scary 0_0

Foresaw the Inevitable

I wonder why they teleport across half the world for some training, but walk two days to a dungeon walk on foot.


Open spaces and known areas! 😀 If they have a known area that’s unlikely to change with vegetation or rock formation, it’s significantly safer to ‘program’ a teleport ((a bit on that is explained later)). Then survival training in the arid climate can commence from there – most humans or non-beast things don’t go to this area…


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