Lost! – 0001

Number 1 of my fantasy comic… it will have comedy, drama, mystery, deceit, love, life, death, and adventure! I would rate this between a PG-13 and a soft ‘R’ for violence/gore/dark humor. The format of these comics will typically entail 1-3 panels as the name doubles for the adventures of the character known as ‘Poco’ the goblin, and the comics are smaller in nature.

I chose to do the comics this way as a exercise in giving myself constraints to work in, as well making a tighter story. I am used to working on 11×17 pages and having plenty of space to do this type of work, but alas, we all need constraints to foster ideas and ways to push them. Also, there may be an ad on the website when you see it, either visit it or don’t, but if you like my page, please white-list me from your ad blocking service – I’d like to occasionally buy a beer for my work on the comic 😛

I will occasionally post extras – backgrounds, extra pics, maybe a setting module for tabletop games… but I really want to explore where we can go and I hope you’ll join me over and over again! That having been said, someday I’d like to make this self-sustaining as it takes a lot of time to create these (I currently have 25-30 sketched out, but plenty of ideas down as well).

Please understand that I am writing for a story, I don’t always believe or agree with any characters’ ideas or thoughts… in fact, I may despise them, and I’ll probably say so, but having said that, I’ll understand if at sometimes you’re angry with what is written. I will harken back to Puck in a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream when I say, “If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,

Now, that this verbose statement has taken enough of your time: We join our intrepid heroes Poco and Sun as they explore a dark dungeon on the search for treasure…

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