Rock Out – 0069

Eep! *danger danger flailing*

I’ve got another one in the pipe-line and a MASSIVE background ready for the following 3. Like… the most detailed background I’ve ever done (It’s a view from above the Outpost, facing towards the Waste Spires to the east… you can see it on the map on one of the previous comics 🙂 ). I’ll be sure to point it out when you see it. It’s like 4 away.

Anywho <3 thanks for reading folks ^^

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Just read through the comic here and I have to say amazing work! I love all the characters already, except Ryker. He’s a butt.


Yes! Good eye! Yeah, a lot of folks use them as family crests/familial entanglements – at least ‘the Outrunners’ do. The humans have actual seals, heraldry, etc… we’ll see some of it eventually – the humans we see in the Wastes don’t have it.


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