Aedificavit – 0016

Throwing this one up early (e.g. 2 this week) – will still have 1 on Monday next week ^^ I figured I was far enough ahead that I could put an extra one out. Loved getting to play with the lighting on this one – the next strip lets me do the same. Keep spreading… Read more »

Reasons – 0015

Exposition strip today (uploaded early, in case I fall asleep Sunday before I post it!) – I still try to hit a solid beat on each exp. strip, it’s something I realized when I thought of doing my comic in a more 3-panel fashion: I’d occasionally not have comedic moments for a strip or two,… Read more »

The Boss – 0013

Hello! If you came from some advertisements I put up, Welcome! If you found your way here otherwise, Welcome! And if you’ve already been reading, thank you! The only way my comic will grow, e.g. what I can justify putting more money into, is via word of mouth and help – yeah ads help, but… Read more »

Ganked – 0012

I love doing the backgrounds like this – I know the first couple had line art to them, but from now on, they’ll be painted, I think. Please be sure to share this comic with your friends – I tend to get quite a bit more motivation when more folks see my works. Thanks ^^

The Dagger – 0005

At least she is sincere and straight forward. Also, Nigel is a zombie of their word. At this point, I’ve sketched all the way to 036 (though, they take a bit to digitize), but I’ve written to 40-50 (I don’t keep an exact count on them while they’re written, because I’d rather the story flow… Read more »