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Exposition strip today (uploaded early, in case I fall asleep Sunday before I post it!) – I still try to hit a solid beat on each exp. strip, it’s something I realized when I thought of doing my comic in a more 3-panel fashion: I’d occasionally not have comedic moments for a strip or two, just to make sure the story is complete.
That’s fine though – I’ll move the story along at a good clip regardless.

If you’d visit some of these links, and either subscribe/vote/etc, (only if you have a moment to spare of course!), it’d help me get this thing off the ground quicker. It would be appreciated! The more readers I have the more I can justify spending more time/money on the site and story. I have had roughly 2 years worth of strips sketched up/planned since I wrote it, so I have plenty!
Thank you!

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Came here via a link from “Lola” on The Duck … I’ve got a thing for both fantasy webcomics and redheads, so, a redheaded goblin? Yeah, I’m hooked.


Goblins come with all sorts of hair colors on this world – her surviving sisters’ is pink. But I’m getting ahead of myself 🙂


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