New Robe – 0014

Normally I try to put these up Monday, but I’m posting it early for the week!
Thus ends my enigmatic cameo on my own comic (/insert ‘dust in the wind’ here 😛). Figured I’d get it out of the way early…

So lots of new visitors to the site – I appreciate you visiting! If you use Comic-rocket, or don’t but would like to, you can add me here:

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If you’re not into that, you can just tell folks that read web-comics that I exist – that’s helpful too!

If I did videos on drawing the comic/twitch streams of it, is that something ya’ll would be interested in?

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Just found this comic by chance, don’t usually click ads leading to other comics but glad I decided to this time. This looks like its going to be really good, I’m liking it a lot so far, cant wait to see were it goes 🙂


Clicked on an advertisement, something I usually daren’t do but I’m glad I did!
I can’t wait to tune in to this on Monday.


Glad to have ya! I try to update on Mondays – sometimes I get excited and post it early/2 a week, lol.


Arrived through the belfry webworks, neat idea. And hope it does well, and well, first catching sight of a Simon and Garfunkle poke does lend itself well. So here’s hoping for more good stuff for one the way.


Completely forgot about Belfry! Thank you! I’ll need to make sure my profile is up on there! Already done with the next strip and working on the ones a few more out. Was initially dubious about doing the S&G bit, but it fit well in a different context instead of just music playing.


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