Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 2

‘Did you lock the door?’ ‘Your paycheck hasn’t cleared’ ‘What was that noise?’ ‘Did you set your alarm’ ‘Your oven is on.’ Maybe I should have gone with: Do I have enough gas to get to the station? Can I really eat all this food? My god, I ate too much food. Gas station sushi… Read more »

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 1

If you groaned at the comic – then it was scary-bad writing… and a success. It’s that ‘spooky-time’ of the year! I wrote a poem and short comic for this year’s Halloween, but I didn’t want to leave yall without jokes… so I wrote a short comic on top of that as well! It’s like…… Read more »

Sweet Goodnight – 0153

Not a traditional choke hold… maybe a traditional ‘Choked-up’ hold though! ok ok, forgive me, I’m a father so dad-jokes come super naturally… supernaturally. So… I did the Halloween comic this year already. Like, I did it last month. lol I hope you like it. Thanks for reading my nutty little webcomic

Bassaulted – 0152

Look… I’m REALLY proud of the comic title ‘Bassaulted’… Like… I feel dumber that I’m so proud of it. Along with the ‘dumb as rocks’ which came out in my second edit as I was going through it tonight… “Basalt is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most… Read more »

Itty Bitty – 0147

This contains a small, but important tidbit about Sun: not only can she not really get drunk (way back in Strip 27, Poco demanded they all try, while tipsy), but she just processes toxins super fast. Also, fun bit – if it were a magical drink, then it’d act normal to her… since she’s magical…. Read more »

Forgiveness – 0146

Sun is trying here… she’s been raised to hate a TON of different things and people – orcs, goblins, undead, etc. Granted some undead would straight up eat your brains – Nigel was kinda just chillin’ when they met. Felix and one of the gorgon characters are in the background :3 Finished setting up SSL… Read more »

Vacation Part 2 – When in Roam…

I just got back today – and I did most of this comic on my relaxing down-time, in between other fun activities :3 I’ll see about posting the process video on this later, as I did it all on my ipad! The background is from a ship I was on :3 In case you didn’t… Read more »

Advanced – 0138

Wiggles Reunited with Meg! And on to Nigel and Mog… by far my favorite bit of this strip was drawing Mogs confounded face, lol Lots happening in my life but I’m still finding time to update – just no time to promote, so if you can help out with that, most webcomics are found through… Read more »

Mountain-Speak – 0135

Some lore to my world: A Dwarven person would say it as ‘Due-whaff’ or ‘Due-Ware-Ven’ but thousands of years ago, but they call themselves ‘Dwaff’ ( In their tongue the Mountain is spoken first though – so if they’re the Dwaff’s of the Shontil Mountain Range, it’d be ShontilDwaff). Others used to say ‘Dwarf’ instead… Read more »

Up, Stuck – 0134

Sun’s family would get sooooo bent out of shape if she’d said that in front of them >.> barely had time last week for this one – hope nothing comes up this week – I don’t wanna lose my long streak! Thanks for reading!