Lost and Found – 0150

*EDIT* Due to a database snafu, I had last week’s comic as this week’s comic too… apologies! The database snafu was a ID10T error – and I uploaded the wrong dang file >.< Ruh Ro! Not a massive comedic beat this time - but a solid story one! 😀 Gotta be careful when you steal... Read more »

Amalgam – 0125

And with that… chapter 1 comes to a close… with a short epilogue to follow! So to clarify: those are troll arms, grafted onto him – and he has troll blood flowing through him… and in this world – trolls regenerate as a biological function (in the blood). This also hints at a sub-sector of… Read more »

Chunk! – 0120

ACH! Normally I don’t like to do ‘violence as a punch-line,’ but in this case, Ryker warrants it. Dang I’ve been busy at work and home… feels like these updates come faster and faster sometimes, lol. Thanks for reading!

Eye Contact – 0119

RIP Phoenix 🙁 Even has the javelin still in there… Poco certainly didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt, let alone killed – She probably wouldn’t have thought it was possible for them to take it out… “but alas, poor Yorick.” I’m letting you know in advance – there is an epilogue to Chapter… Read more »

Bad Choices, Pa – Uh What?! – 0118

Ryker is a bit of a boss… and Poco really didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt… let alone take a javelin to the head – she didn’t think anything would really hurt it. I’d say painting that second panel was probably one of my favorite things to do… the fire against the smoke,… Read more »

Bad Choices, Part 1: Hubris – 0117

So the title is: Bad Choices. In all hindsight and movies you could point to – ‘Lets watch me win’ is halfway up there – especially if you’re already in the midst of winning. It’s like watching a stock you have go up and up and relishing in your genius for buying it right before… Read more »

Fire! – 0116

Probably the sweetest few panels I’ve done in a while… too bad it’s with Ryker… oh well. About to drop some A-Bombs as we get close to finishing out chapter 1. A few delectable twists and turns :3 Next week, I’ll be posting a guest comic on Monday – my first time taking a week… Read more »

Avian Adversary – 0114

A rare – non-main character comic! Ryker has it coming though. If you’re wondering what a scorpion is (and I’m borrowing from ancient Rome here), this is a link to it. I’m working on getting some guest strips for Christmas week, but I’m lacking quite a few… So we’ll see what happens. Either way, I’m… Read more »

Bright Light Beckons – 0105

Doogen would be a final survivor in a horror movie… “oh, go alone into the basement when we ALL just heard a weird noise AND the lights are out…hell no”. Hope to take a couple days off work sometime soon so I can sit down an hammer out a few more comic strips and build… Read more »

Scars – 0085

“Closer than you think” is probably something he’d like to hear >.>; I did a sketch booth table at free comic book day and handed out a lot of Poco Adventures stickers and did some sketches for folks 🙂 I hope a few folks dropped by to check it out and enjoy it! Also, on… Read more »