Amalgam – 0125

And with that… chapter 1 comes to a close… with a short epilogue to follow!

So to clarify: those are troll arms, grafted onto him – and he has troll blood flowing through him… and in this world – trolls regenerate as a biological function (in the blood). This also hints at a sub-sector of humanity that traffics in PARTS of mythical, magical, and non-human species. While that’s gruesome – not all know about it, do it, or would approve of it.

Anywho… I hope that was a pretty solid twist for ya… it won’t come up a TON in Chapter 2, but it sets the stage for the world and future things :3

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Beautiful twist there. And it’s easy enough to say humanity are the bad guys in this world, if he’s the standard.


“Bad guy” is always subjective. I mean, by modern moral standards he is awful. But compared to real-world human behavior, he doesn’t particularly stand out.

The lives of slaves were a commodity, to the point of being actually raped and murdered in street theaters (old rome), for no better purpose than competing with the colosseum.
There is modern-day black-market organ trade.

Now imagine, modern-day transplant surgeries had existed in parallel to legalized slave trade. I’m pretty sure many with sufficient funds who lost body-parts would have taken spare-parts from slaves. Religious rules would likely have constrained such practices at first, but would have been inofficially ignored, where the result isn’t obvious (e.g. organs), and probably would eventually have been relaxed.


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