Chapter 1 Epilogue, Part 1 – 0126

Into the Epilogue! The left-hand of Nigel is still clattering around! (* she’s referencing 0096 [link] )

Some of you don’t know this, but there are ‘alternate texts’ if you hover your mouse over each comic – sometimes its an extra joke, sometimes it’s me jabbering on – but I try to give a bit extra each time either way 🙂

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well they dead. the man Just admitted to being lost that’s got to be a omen


Probably my favorite horror trope ever is ‘we’re lost’ – this particular strip is a direct homage to it (even though I set it up back in 0096). I especially liked giving the viewer the vantage of ‘Horror-stalker’ in this regard…makes you seem… party to it lol.
If I remember my notes right, this is only 4 parts long… long enough for a break from Poco and company, but also a short world building scene :3


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