Pithy – 0083

Wow… what a week. Busy as heck, but my highlight is that some of you wonderful people signed up for my Patreon and I love every reader so much, but it soooo motivational to see that some see fit to offer that up. Thank you! I promise I try to make it worth the buck… Read more »

Captive Audience – 0081

Saw a bunch of new readers drop by – thanks for reading! 😀 The comic is weekly and mirrored on Webtoons and Tapas in case you prefer that way to read my comic. I have a bit more info on this site, of course – and if some plans come to fruition, a TON more… Read more »

Felix Restrained – 0079

Felix my wonderful brave boy… stay strong buddy – it’s not your fault an entire regiment descended on you. 🙁 I hate writing bad guys. I can’t wait till I get back to Poco and get back to a bit more fun times. In the webcomic world, things seem to last forever! >.< Also, I... Read more »

Dwarven Sign Language – 0059

This is the last of *Ryker for a little bit, but now you know whom is out there… with out intrepid Sun :3 I’ll have a Halloween comic for y’all this week too :3 Thanks for reading and I hope all you new readers pass along my comic to others! Don’t forget to subscribe to… Read more »

Digging Yer Prospects – 0058

First Dwarven sighting! I’m trying to get through some of our antagonists portions as quickly as possible, but I need to make sure the dialog is perfect… for reasons.

Ryker and Miller – 0057

Humans?! In this comic?! What the hell is this?! Just a pretty rare cut-to-baddies… I don’t/won’t always do it, but it’ll all come full-circle :3 That background is huge and took a longggg time >.