Pithy – 0083

Wow… what a week. Busy as heck, but my highlight is that some of you wonderful people signed up for my Patreon and I love every reader so much, but it soooo motivational to see that some see fit to offer that up. Thank you! I promise I try to make it worth the buck or two 🙂 Eventually I will be offering pics from my sketchbook and sketch requests as well! <3 If you don't sign up for the Patreon, that's ok! I promise! If you share my comic or comment or do any sort of 'liking' or sharing helps me out 😀 Thank you! Poco arrives in the Waste Spires next week... the middle panel is my favorite I've done in a while...

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Foresaw the Inevitable

Felix is not invalidating Ryker’s point here.

Although I’m not even sure what point Ryker is trying to make. What he says is more a subjective opinion than an argument.


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