Bad Choices, Pa – Uh What?! – 0118

Ryker is a bit of a boss… and Poco really didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt… let alone take a javelin to the head – she didn’t think anything would really hurt it.

I’d say painting that second panel was probably one of my favorite things to do… the fire against the smoke, with the sky and clouds in the background (it’s obv similar to the previous one, but I re-did it and like this one better).

Seeya soon – Chapter 1 is coming to a close in the next few pages…

Then I’ll have an epilogue to chapter 1 – detailing something far away but super relevant :3

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Yeah… If I were to put him into levels in D&D, he’s pretty seasoned at a 12-14 (out of 20) or so. There is also something else we’ll see later :3


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