Bad Choices, Part 1: Hubris – 0117

So the title is: Bad Choices. In all hindsight and movies you could point to – ‘Lets watch me win’ is halfway up there – especially if you’re already in the midst of winning. It’s like watching a stock you have go up and up and relishing in your genius for buying it right before something catastrophic goes wrong…

In writing class, it always has to be a protagonists’ (or antagonist!) own flaws that lead to those bad decisions (which even smart characters can and are allowed to make! Just like real people.)… such as for Poco: Hubris. She’s got it in spades because she is literally the most successful goblin she knows of… probably ever. She lives in a nice fortress – has commerce and trade, no fear of being found out, ample coin and treasure, friends and allies, etc… so why could she not relish in a well earned victory if it never seems to blow up?

Anywho, just a bit of my writing process laid bare.
52 weeks – never missed an update this year… pretty darn proud of that. I know some were not ‘full comics’ but some were 9 panel monstrosities, lol…
I hope you enjoyed this comic this year – it’s only gonna get better :3

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It was a very good year for webcomics. I look forwards to seeing how this one evolves.


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