Dagger Origins – 0041

update: I believe this to be a good change. Normally most fantasy writers would call this a ‘Phylactery’ – I have since opted for my own word. I had a conversation with a friend and she told me the origin of the word Phylactery. She did NOT ask me to change it – but considering how it’s an object of abject-evil in fantasy settings, and NOT in real life… I couldn’t call it that any more. It took me a week or so to come up with a suitable replacement and I’m updating my world-lexicon. This was a decision out of love for folks, not a reaction to angry or pain, so it’s positive and should be seen as such.
<3 Altarroma's require great skill and care to create to contain a soul - only problem is you get one shot at it! The good news is, you've still made a wickedly powerful magical artifact... Had a lot of fun painting the dagger and doing a slightly differing style for the divined magical bits... I'll have another update Monday - not so sure about next Thursday yet - I'm lagging behind a tad due to some up coming pages, but we'll see! Seeya then!

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