Talk to the Hand – 0042

That hand’s still got some magical potency… poor puppers though – sure they’re demon-dogs, let loose upon this world, but I’m sure they’re still good dogs, Brent. To see why it’s still so potent, read the page before :3

Hey! You! Yeah, You! You should read my comic-pal’s webcomic… Lacey makes a good one called ‘Lies Within’. Superbly drawn and getting amped up to 11! She’s over at Tapas now. :3

No comic this Thursday – I need to catch my back-log back up. That’s why I guarantee an update Mondays, but I want to make sure I always have one handy in-case life happens. Seeya Monday next week! :3

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I’ve just read the whole comic so far in a single sitting, and I’m really impressed! Keep up the good work, I hope you continue to update this and grow your fanbase! ^^


Thank you! It really means a lot to me that people are enjoying it! Lot of exciting ones coming down the pipe line! đŸ˜€


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