Simple – 0040

Origin of the dagger coming shortly! :3

I got asked by a reader ‘Why do you jump around so much?’ and I figured it’s only fair to tell you. I kind of treat this like a TV show when I write – each person I’m following has a particular vantage point and I want to show that. We won’t ever miss anything super-important with a character, but I come back to their highlights. For instance – Poco is currently telling her sister about their brother’s predicament, and since you already know that as the reader, you don’t need to see it again – of course there will be a hint as what she said, when we get back to her. Also, that means, while Sun is off flirting, we’ll jump back to her when it’s more relevant for the reader 🙂

I set out to make a 3-ish panel scene comic, with humor, action, adventure, etc… and I honestly didn’t think it’d work out as well as it has – each strip is essentially a story beat. (I come from a screen writing background, of sorts, so if you don’t know that terminology, check the link :3 )

Anywho, seeya Thursday!
(Game of Thrones was rad as hell tonight! :3)

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