Ouch by Chocolate – 0165

So the original title I was planning had to do with ‘death by…’ but apparently that’s trademarked! So instead I have the comedically superior ‘Ouch by Chocolate’ instead. Wiki article on that name… Daylight savings time this weekend and it’s already throwing me waaaay off. I want my hour back dang it!

Out of Order Extra – The Best Gift

Sorry for the delay! This holiday schedule is throwing me off… also I fell asleep on my Wacom on Sunday night, so there is that >.>; Happy New Year folks!

Void Pack – 0158

I’m back! Oof dialog on this one had me essentially doing triganometry trying to figure out where best to place the boxes. 4 people, 3 conversations… all in 3 panels lol. I’ll probably have a holiday comic next week (I know… interrupting story sucks, but I only get to do them every so often!). Hope… Read more »

Out of Order Extra – A Day In the Life

I made a new category for this one: Out of Order Extra… meaning it’s canon, but… just out of order from the rest of the comic. I wanted some way to add ‘adventures’ or ‘one shots’ to the comic canon without interrupting the story (but still interrupting it to a degree). As the text says,… Read more »

Typical – 0157

So… today is not Monday. I’m sorry for that. I don’t get overly personal here usually, but – my cat (the one that inspired Gold Coin in the Vacation non-canon comic) had to be moved to a foster home. He was too aggressive for my kid (she’s only 1.5 years old). I was a mess… Read more »

Pants Suck! – 0156

So… I may have tipped my hand on a piece of dialog from the last panel, in the comments section like… several months ago… that’s kinda what happens when I write so far ahead lol! Had a lot of fun drawing that Poco-burrito, lol Thanks for reading!

Multipurpose – 0154

Truly isn’t want Poco had in mind… the DNR (do not resurrect) was really what it was about. But even shes surprised by Sun’s suggestion. Hope yall enjoyed the 3 comics from Halloween last week – I know they’re not everyone’s flair, but they sure are fun to do. Thanks for reading!

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 3

Telling a story in a 5/3/5 format is really… challenging. I have multiple pages of scribbles and scratch-outs from working on it, hah! I was initially going to make it multiple Haikus but found it a bit easier than I would have liked, so I went a different route. Hope yall enjoyed a bit something… Read more »