Pants Suck! – 0156

So… I may have tipped my hand on a piece of dialog from the last panel, in the comments section like… several months ago… that’s kinda what happens when I write so far ahead lol! Had a lot of fun drawing that Poco-burrito, lol Thanks for reading!

Multipurpose – 0154

Truly isn’t want Poco had in mind… the DNR (do not resurrect) was really what it was about. But even shes surprised by Sun’s suggestion. Hope yall enjoyed the 3 comics from Halloween last week – I know they’re not everyone’s flair, but they sure are fun to do. Thanks for reading!

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 3

Telling a story in a 5/3/5 format is really… challenging. I have multiple pages of scribbles and scratch-outs from working on it, hah! I was initially going to make it multiple Haikus but found it a bit easier than I would have liked, so I went a different route. Hope yall enjoyed a bit something… Read more »

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 2

‘Did you lock the door?’ ‘Your paycheck hasn’t cleared’ ‘What was that noise?’ ‘Did you set your alarm’ ‘Your oven is on.’ Maybe I should have gone with: Do I have enough gas to get to the station? Can I really eat all this food? My god, I ate too much food. Gas station sushi… Read more »

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 – Part 1

If you groaned at the comic – then it was scary-bad writing… and a success. It’s that ‘spooky-time’ of the year! I wrote a poem and short comic for this year’s Halloween, but I didn’t want to leave yall without jokes… so I wrote a short comic on top of that as well! It’s like…… Read more »

Sweet Goodnight – 0153

Not a traditional choke hold… maybe a traditional ‘Choked-up’ hold though! ok ok, forgive me, I’m a father so dad-jokes come super naturally… supernaturally. So… I did the Halloween comic this year already. Like, I did it last month. lol I hope you like it. Thanks for reading my nutty little webcomic

Bassaulted – 0152

Look… I’m REALLY proud of the comic title ‘Bassaulted’… Like… I feel dumber that I’m so proud of it. Along with the ‘dumb as rocks’ which came out in my second edit as I was going through it tonight… “Basalt is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most… Read more »

Itty Bitty – 0147

This contains a small, but important tidbit about Sun: not only can she not really get drunk (way back in Strip 27, Poco demanded they all try, while tipsy), but she just processes toxins super fast. Also, fun bit – if it were a magical drink, then it’d act normal to her… since she’s magical…. Read more »

Forgiveness – 0146

Sun is trying here… she’s been raised to hate a TON of different things and people – orcs, goblins, undead, etc. Granted some undead would straight up eat your brains – Nigel was kinda just chillin’ when they met. Felix and one of the gorgon characters are in the background :3 Finished setting up SSL… Read more »

Vacation Part 2 – When in Roam…

I just got back today – and I did most of this comic on my relaxing down-time, in between other fun activities :3 I’ll see about posting the process video on this later, as I did it all on my ipad! The background is from a ship I was on :3 In case you didn’t… Read more »