Sibling Love – 0163

A direct reference to Ms. Stabby, episode 0121 🙂 Took my kiddo to the science museum today – she loved it, even as young as she is. Also super nice she isn’t sick anymore… woof that was messy.

Eidetic – 0161

I LOVE writing Poco/Pella dialog… sibling dialog is so fun :3 I dunno if I ever said what happened a while back that got me in a bad brain space… I didn’t want to sour anyone’s day. But heads up I’ll mention it here in case you wanna skip the bottom. I had to get… Read more »

Surprises – 0160

Oh my god I needed that week off. I got to spend the entire thing with my fam, get the house picked up some, get some needed chores done, etc… phew! New Year! Woo! Poco gets a new sword! (this was fully mentioned back in Pella’s second appearance. click here to be taken to that… Read more »

Late Sleeper – 0123

*edit* – New Vote incentive (it’s those wanted posters in the background, blown up!)! Abrupt awakening – I know it’s a simple triple joke of the awakening, the non-cursing being called cursing, and knowing exactly who would string that together…, but I loved it when I wrote it and it never got cut when I… Read more »

Protective Pella – 0045

She hammer, she fast, but mostly she protect. (APOLOGIES. I JUST saw the meme today and I figured it appropriate…) Things going swimmingly – I really appreciate those of you that went to tapas and subscribed (e.g. added to library) to my comic there… It is SOOOO helpful to get readers! Cards on the table… Read more »

Sisters – 0038

Swords make great birthday gifts! Working as fast as my hands can draw – hopefully done with any weekend commitments for a while now, so I should have another update for y’all on Thursday ^^ Tell your friends, share the comics on social media, link back to the site – I try to advertise so… Read more »

Pella – 0037

annnd here Poco’s sister, their resident blacksmith! Seeya’ll Monday :3 If you’re enjoying the comic, be sure to share it with others and favorite on some of the sites on the webcomic list or comic rocket. Thank you! 😀