Protective Pella – 0045

She hammer, she fast, but mostly she protect. (APOLOGIES. I JUST saw the meme today and I figured it appropriate…)

Things going swimmingly – I really appreciate those of you that went to tapas and subscribed (e.g. added to library) to my comic there… It is SOOOO helpful to get readers! Cards on the table here: the larger I can grow this comic, the easier it is to justify sinking more and more time into it (since I work 40-60hrs/week as it is, BEFORE the comic :3).

If anyone else would like to do the same, to help out, you can head here and subscribe with your facebook or google+ login – it’s totally free!

Unfortunately no comic this Thursday – I’m having to build a LOT of assets for the next couple comics and don’t want to fall behind! I’ll be back with another Monday the 14th! Seeya then!

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