Pointy Gifting – 0162

I hadn’t drawn a hug in a while… felt good. Almost like a digital hug… drawing a hug. Weird to explain, but here we are trying to do it.

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Brother Parvus

The dampnesses in Poco’s[0] eyes are charming.

[0] I keep trying to spell her name “Pozo”, a wee burg east of Nipomo CA USA with a fabulous 19th century saloon.


Just want you to know I’d have been commenting on a lot of these strips (the one a good bit ago either right around Christmas or after the new year was excellent) but WordPress has been annoyingly unaccommodating and refuses to log me in on your site, as well as open certain features on others. (I’m not gonna log in any other way unless it continues for too long…)

Keep up the good work! Still here, even if silent.



My kid was sick all last week and I had a work trip this week… I did a ton of art on the plane though – I’ll hopefully post something this afternoon.


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