Eidetic – 0161

I LOVE writing Poco/Pella dialog… sibling dialog is so fun :3

I dunno if I ever said what happened a while back that got me in a bad brain space… I didn’t want to sour anyone’s day. But heads up I’ll mention it here in case you wanna skip the bottom. I had to get rid of my cat of a couple years, my buddy Max – he just up and attacked my daughter one day – she was just walking by and minding her own business. I couldn’t keep him after that – we tried kitty caps, we tried more play, we tried clipping often, etc… nothing worked he kept chewing em off, or sharpening more, but he tried to attack again, but we caught it that time. It just wasn’t safe for her. I miss who my buddy was, before something set him off, but I can’t have the cat he is now around. It really screwed me up – I love animals, and I rescued him, and he would wait for me, we’d play a lot… but something in him went sideways – he even started attacking me in the middle of the night. So we re-fostered him. I’m still pretty broken up about it… some days are harder than others. I know ‘he’s just a cat’ but, he was my pal for so long.

Anywho, sorry for the sob story, but I figure if you stop by each week and are like “wait… where was the update?” you kinda deserve a bit of an answer.

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Is Pella trying to get rid of her left thumb? That’s a pretty dumb way to hold a sword…


When I did an image search of ‘presenting a sword’ for this as a reference, most had the blade between the thumb and palm – only a few had them flat in palm. I figured with her controlling the hilt it’d be fine.
I also tried to remember how I was presented my katana when I studied martial arts a long while back and while it was sheathed, it was definitely with thumb over blade.

I 100% DID question it though while drawing it haha!

kall tuss

Unless she pushed it into the flesh she’d be fine, most swords were NOT as sharp as a knife which you sharpen to a VERY fine edge. Still, I wouldn’t recommend holding it like that without gloves regardless.


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