Late Sleeper – 0123

*edit* – New Vote incentive (it’s those wanted posters in the background, blown up!)!
Abrupt awakening – I know it’s a simple triple joke of the awakening, the non-cursing being called cursing, and knowing exactly who would string that together…, but I loved it when I wrote it and it never got cut when I went through and trimmed some comics here and there for chapter 1.

2 more left till the end of chapter 1… then a few epilogue panels that’ll not show any main character but build up the world – and provide an ever bigger hook beyond what 0125 has :3 I can’t wait to show ya’ll! Be sure to spread my comic to your friends if you like it!

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Just found the comic last night and caught up today. This is a wonderful comic with nice art and good writing. I am looking forward to see where this all goes.


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