Hug It Out – 0122

This is concluding the C Story of this chapter (since A and B collapsed into themselves) with Nigel and Tula – full access to the Outrunner Outpost library! 😀 Some of the folks over at Comic Tea Party discussed Poco Adventures on their weekly book club! I only hope to live up to their expectations,… Read more »

The Really Real Nigel – 0094

Dannnm Nigel’s dad is a jerk. Panel 2 has the same dudes from The Real Nigel – 0006, cept the Wizard in the back… he’s the one that got away, sealing Nigel’s raging zombie-self in the magical room after they stabbed him with the dagger (that’s should be pretty well inferred at this point, but… Read more »

Neigh on the Hay – 0093

Poor Nigel, being subjected to a VERY forward poltergeist… I’ve put up a new vote incentive on TopWebcomics! Please vote as often as you’d like (it helps especially at the beginning of the month because it’s easier to get higher in the ranks, lol). Thanks for your support! .< Thanks for reading!

Death Becomes Them – 0090

First mention of vampires in my world (I got a full cavalcade of non-humans, yo! :P), but it’ll be a while before we see one… not like they’re common or anything. I feel like I’m spinning plates, what with the comic, going back to work from Paternity leave, and raising the kiddo @.@ oof. Anywho,… Read more »

Restrained Progress – 0087

uhhh I hope you prepared for some levity after last weeks’ drama, because I sure was. I hate hurting my characters, but… the show must go on. Saw Deadpool 2 this last weekend (my wife and I’s last date night before our kiddo is born! lol), we both loved it even more than Deadpool 1…. Read more »

Bun Bun – 0082

Meet Queen Sultrah… She’ll be back in the next chapter. Queen of the Gorgons and the under-caverns below Outrunner Outpost. Poco met the Queen in the founding of Outrunner Outpost… it’s a story for another time. I’m starting to update my Patreon with my sketches for each comic – they’re rough and usually contain notes… Read more »

Do No Harm – 0064

Ok, well… Doc was right… but too right. Next week we’ll be returning to the Waste Spires… so back to a bit more action-y stuff. We’re over halfway done with this chapter, btw, in case I hadn’t mentioned it already! Also folks: be excellent to each other. Seeya Monday! ^^

Unconventional Doc – 0063

No sulking, Nigel! I think Doc has a plan! I wanted to make sure to get y’all an extra comic on Thanksgiving. I know some readers aren’t from the U.S. and I just wanted to thank you all for reading my comic – It’s been brewing for a few years and I have nearly a… Read more »