Diagnosis – 0034

Back to Nigel for a couple. We’ll catch back up with Poco soon enough – she’s got planning to do. Did a painting of the sky, ya’ll will see in the background in a couple strips – kinda excited to show it off. :3 See ya’ll Monday!

Ignition – 0026

*Happy Monday! Looks like Nigel had a bit of an unexpected result from his dalliances – whether he knows it or not. We’re seriously getting a bunch of characters in here and you’ll know quite a bit more about everyone shortly. I’m putting a bit more time into it this week to make sure I… Read more »

Health Benefits – 0025

Extra comic Thursday! Marking 25… wow. When I started writing/sketching these a few years back, I didn’t know I’d actually get this many finished! A few have gone through some solid revisions, but the core story is still there. I have roughly 100 sketched and written out at the moment, when a few arcs in… Read more »

Part of the Team – 0020

Going to meet quite a few new characters soon – I’ll try to keep the Characters page updated accordingly. It’ll also have some background on characters that can usually be inferred/isn’t worthy of a comic/maybe implied later. I’ve updated the links below to the best of my knowledge for sites to list my comic and/or… Read more »

Outrunner Outpost – 0018

I can not stress how large that background image is – I thought it would be a simple task to draw the ‘Outrunner Outpost,’ but I was wrong. I’ll end up posting the entire thing as time goes on, but for now only a brief taste. I may end up posting another comic this week,… Read more »

Civil – 0017

I LOVE doing the fire-side scenes… I think it’s the lighting I’m so fond of. Glad you all are here! Thanks for reading! (if you are so inclined, if you read the site-news below, there are a few things you can do to help spread the word of this comic! Thanks!)

Aedificavit – 0016

Throwing this one up early (e.g. 2 this week) – will still have 1 on Monday next week ^^ I figured I was far enough ahead that I could put an extra one out. Loved getting to play with the lighting on this one – the next strip lets me do the same. Keep spreading… Read more »

Reasons – 0015

Exposition strip today (uploaded early, in case I fall asleep Sunday before I post it!) – I still try to hit a solid beat on each exp. strip, it’s something I realized when I thought of doing my comic in a more 3-panel fashion: I’d occasionally not have comedic moments for a strip or two,… Read more »

New Robe – 0014

Normally I try to put these up Monday, but I’m posting it early for the week! Thus ends my enigmatic cameo on my own comic (/insert ‘dust in the wind’ here 😛). Figured I’d get it out of the way early… So lots of new visitors to the site – I appreciate you visiting! If… Read more »

The Enemy – 0011

The most viciously nonchalant mage >.>