Restrained Progress – 0087

uhhh I hope you prepared for some levity after last weeks’ drama, because I sure was. I hate hurting my characters, but… the show must go on. Saw Deadpool 2 this last weekend (my wife and I’s last date night before our kiddo is born! lol), we both loved it even more than Deadpool 1…. Read more »

Bun Bun – 0082

Meet Queen Sultrah… She’ll be back in the next chapter. Queen of the Gorgons and the under-caverns below Outrunner Outpost. Poco met the Queen in the founding of Outrunner Outpost… it’s a story for another time. I’m starting to update my Patreon with my sketches for each comic – they’re rough and usually contain notes… Read more »

Do No Harm – 0064

Ok, well… Doc was right… but too right. Next week we’ll be returning to the Waste Spires… so back to a bit more action-y stuff. We’re over halfway done with this chapter, btw, in case I hadn’t mentioned it already! Also folks: be excellent to each other. Seeya Monday! ^^

Unconventional Doc – 0063

No sulking, Nigel! I think Doc has a plan! I wanted to make sure to get y’all an extra comic on Thanksgiving. I know some readers aren’t from the U.S. and I just wanted to thank you all for reading my comic – It’s been brewing for a few years and I have nearly a… Read more »

Living While Dead – 0062

Poor Nigel 🙁 He just wants a drink after a long day… Gonna try to get y’all an extra comic this week on Thursday (Thanksgiving! :D). Thanks for reading!

Halloween 2017 – Non-Canon Comic

Hope you enjoyed the extra comic this week (and so quickly after yesterday’s update!) Thanks for reading! I really appreciate you all stopping by!

A Lot of PDA – 0044

I don’t think they have annnny sort of concern for PDA – at all. Folks, I have a favor to ask – I need you to go to my comic over on Tapas (I’m mirroring my comic there!) and subscribe (it’s free and easy – you can use your Facebook or google account!) to my… Read more »

Sweetums – 0043

Dawww ^^ – considering how rough my OCs will have it soon, I really do love them :3 There will be good times, there will be rough times… life as it were. Saw lots of new faces (e.g. analytics :P) and just wanted to say “WELCOME!” I hope you enjoy my comic and continue to… Read more »

Dagger Origins – 0041

Phylactery’s in fantasy settings tend to require great skill and care to create to contain a soul – only problem is you get one shot at it! The good news is, you’ve still made a wickedly powerful magical artifact… Had a lot of fun painting the dagger and doing a slightly differing style for the… Read more »

Simple – 0040

Origin of the dagger coming shortly! :3 I got asked by a reader ‘Why do you jump around so much?’ and I figured it’s only fair to tell you. I kind of treat this like a TV show when I write – each person I’m following has a particular vantage point and I want to… Read more »