The Really Real Nigel – 0094

Dannnm Nigel’s dad is a jerk.

Panel 2 has the same dudes from The Real Nigel – 0006, cept the Wizard in the back… he’s the one that got away, sealing Nigel’s raging zombie-self in the magical room after they stabbed him with the dagger (that’s should be pretty well inferred at this point, but it may become even more on the nose than this, later a ways down the line).

I’m working on page 99 right now and… WHOOO dang is it a sweet one… big too. Gosh dang I hope ya’ll enjoy these coming weeks :3

HEY ya’ll have been amazing voting for my comic and if you keep doing it, we’ll keep our place or even advance! Thanks!!! <3 P.S. if you're like "what, Sun AND Nigel are royalty - that's unrealistic - the odds are too high! I mean... the odds of an Elf being friends with a goblin, and a royal dude getting stabbed with a dagger that makes him part lich, are also high >.>; 😛 😛

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Foresaw the Inevitable

The King’s plot makes no sense whatsoever.

King Louis XVI of France was asexual, but after more than a decade of persuasion he still managed to father an heir. (Who later died of a sickness. C’est la vie.)

There have been many occasions in history where a throne was passed on to a nephew, sometimes even without any infanticide.

I think there are other machinations at work here.

But the first thing to divine here should be whether Nigel is still the heir apparent to the throne of Eluthan. He doesn’t seem to be the regal type at all.

I take it the Outrunner Outpost is part of the domain of Eluthan. Except they are more likely to pay taxes to Queen Sultrah.

That situation may cause a war.


My lips are sealed on the situation ^^ your intuitions are edging in on things though 🙂

Part of the truth is that the king is also kinda a jerk regardless if he’s gonna kill his kid o.o;


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