It’s Fine. – 0124

Bittersweet victory… and no confirmation for Ryker’s fate for Poco… But you’ll know! Next week! :3 Stay tuned – it’s a true game-changer and I don’t use that lightly. Then we’ll hop into the epilogue and expand the world a bit… Then into Chapter 2! Be sure to do all these links and help the… Read more »

Eye Contact – 0119

RIP Phoenix 🙁 Even has the javelin still in there… Poco certainly didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt, let alone killed – She probably wouldn’t have thought it was possible for them to take it out… “but alas, poor Yorick.” I’m letting you know in advance – there is an epilogue to Chapter… Read more »

Bad Choices, Pa – Uh What?! – 0118

Ryker is a bit of a boss… and Poco really didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt… let alone take a javelin to the head – she didn’t think anything would really hurt it. I’d say painting that second panel was probably one of my favorite things to do… the fire against the smoke,… Read more »

Bad Choices, Part 1: Hubris – 0117

So the title is: Bad Choices. In all hindsight and movies you could point to – ‘Lets watch me win’ is halfway up there – especially if you’re already in the midst of winning. It’s like watching a stock you have go up and up and relishing in your genius for buying it right before… Read more »

Shizamura – Non-Canon Guest Comic

Omg I love this guest piece 😀 I know it’s a few days without canon-story – some of the next few pages are… complex. I’m still trying to provide great content and Shizamura here did this for me a few weeks back! Shizamura’s site is here: Great art all the time from Shizamura :3… Read more »

Background Action – 0115

So I tried something special with this one: It has a bunch of background (the pheonix heating up, going blue and white-hot, and crashing into the middle tent) stuff happening at the same time as the foreground… I almost missed my deadline because of it, lol. It was quite a bit to based on the… Read more »

Run For It! – 0113

Time for our heroes to cheese it! … right? Been a super long week – omg. I’m so happy to have a few days off. Happy Thanksgiving all! Please remember to vote on Topwebcomics! Like on Facebook! Like on Comic-Rocket! Favorite on The Webcomic List! Bookmark on Webtoons! Bookmark on Tapas!

Settle Up – 0112

Direct call-back to comic 0092 – Mustache 🙂 I’m soooo looking forward to holiday break – I’m just exhausted with work, coaching, art, being a new dad… dang is it all a lot. Can’t wait to have a few days to just relax 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the comic! Thanks for reading! Please remember to… Read more »

Stabby Time – 0111

So they’re definitely at odds with how they operate… Poco would 100% hit someone while they’re down if the ends justified the means… while Felix would have an ethical dilemma with that…while locked in combat, if Felix were to kill an opponent, he’d have no issue with that. Anywho, thanks for reading! I hope you’re… Read more »