Background Action – 0115

So I tried something special with this one: It has a bunch of background (the pheonix heating up, going blue and white-hot, and crashing into the middle tent) stuff happening at the same time as the foreground…
I almost missed my deadline because of it, lol. It was quite a bit to based on the week I’ve had… well over 40hours on the books in my regular day-job, so it’s been a hectic week.

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It looks very good with a nice dramatic effect. If only Poco had turned around…
I guess Felix has already taken all the vengeance (and mustaches) he wanted and with no gloating after the fact. Quite wise for a goblin (or a human or an elf).


Thanks! ^^ Ya, Poco is so much more of an emotional reactor and Felix is the calmer of the 2 siblings… Pella falls somewhere between the 2.


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