Tula – 0028

Back to the story – I’m 3 ahead, so extra comic today! 🙂

The alt text of the comic says ghost, but technically Tula is a poltergeist.

We’ll be exploring the entire gamut of fantasy creatures/characters with a plethora of dispositions. World building takes time.

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Nice work my man as always are there alignments in your world? Poltergeists usually seem more evil to me.


Hey there! Thanks!
Good question! There are as far as just the general modus operandi of people, but generally speaking as far as races go, some have an inclination towards violence but it’s more rooted in their societal structure or based on their socioeconomic climate. Also, most humans in this world can’t even read or write, so they base all inclinations of races on what they’ve heard – and bad news tends to travel much quicker as it pertains to survival.

So for instance: if a hungry band of mountain goblins attacks a trade caravan, most news of it would be ‘goblins attacked another trade caravan’. As such, there are a lot of misconceptions out there and while the fantasy tropes are sort of followed because of it, there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule to it.

Tl;dr – The perceived Good and evil of races/beings are rooted mainly in superstition and word of mouth, but in reality lean heavily on the M.O. of that particular being.


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