Reflection – 0074

Howdy folks!

Treasure the quiet moments as much as you treasure the exciting ones :3

Kinda a soppy one, I know i know… but next week… I promise – there will be blood, violence, and implied violence and I’m giving ya fair warning now!

Also, next week is a double strip (e.g. 6 panels)… and I think the one after it is as well.

Seeya soon! Got more surprises just around the corner! <3

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She has a dagger sticking up from between her legs? Is that Freudian? Do you have a Patreon?


Hah! I could see how that looks. No, it’s her belt buckle and family crest. I’ll delve into it a bit more later ((they grew up in city sewers, so they adopted some human traits, like crests, etc)), but suffice to say, she, her sister, and her brother wear the same belt buckle.

As far as Patreon goes – I do, but it’s not set up for anything grand. Explanation is on the Patreon.
I also have a society 6 page, but I find them to be expensive. I’ll have more merch soon though 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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