False Pride – 0075

I said their would be blood… and next week is no different. Violence and implied violence for the next few as we’re coming upon the crescendo of our introductory chapter to Poco Adventures. We’re on number 75 right now in the intro. There are (I think 25-30) left before we hit the epilogue.

I won’t be taking any time off between Intro chapter (that sets up the next several) and chapter 1, either… we’re gonna keep going with weekly updates.

I have some prints, pins, and stickers coming soon, but I will likely only have those in person at events till I can get a store front or etsy started. ((I’m really new to all this…@.@ and I still see it as a hobby that I adore with all my heart))

I have some stuff up on studio6 – but I’m gonna be honest: some of those price points are really high for what I intend, so I’m trying to come up with much cheaper options.

Anywho, <3 and thanks for reading! ONWARD TO ADVENTURE!

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