Parley – 0066

Miller is in a rough spot, but Sun seems keen on only neutralizing threats – so he’s pretty much safe. She’s in a place where she needs the lay of the land – only makes sense to snag someone with more info.

I’m gonna see if I can crank out a holiday comic – I hope I have time, I have a great idea for it ^^

Seeya soon!

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Reed LeFevre

Wow, he not only escaped death, but a really, really embarrassing death.
By the way, how advanced are the medical arts in this world?
Do they use magic, or is it just some medieval “Okay, I’m just gonna try a combo of old time remedies and whatever I think might help, let’s hope you don’t die!” kind of deal?


Magic can heal, but he’s a tried and true medic of medieval medicine (which in this world is a mixture of actual medieval medicine and medicine from the Renaissance era… so tinctures, some medicines, but super rudimentary).

Then magic can just up and cure… soooo most people try to just fine a priest/cleric they can either pay, bribe, donate to have them cure with magic.


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