Absconded – 0065

Just a little late night-stroll… gone horribly awry.

I’m gonna try to build a back-log of comics again – I’m in the midst of trying to finish up a short story though (comic-art of course), that I’ll post in it’s entirety when I’m done. I’ll likely post it on Webtoons and post an episode a day till it’s finished. So far I’m in script revisions, 12 pages in, but it’s likely it’ll end up being 15-16 pages when finished.

Anywho… seeya soon! :3

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Foresaw the Inevitable

A medic would still be helping the war effort, if there was a war on.

But despite appearances (and Ignaz Wrobel’s assessment), soldiers are not murderers. Murder requires intent, which requires free will. Soldiers are murder weapons, wielded by their officers.
Although the point is rarely to murder: Wounded combatants do more damage to the enemy than dead combatants, and captured soldiers are even an asset.

Fortunately for Miller his unit is merely guarding a dig site.
If they want enemies there, they’ll have to make them themselves.


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