Multipurpose Throw – 0109

Here is that bit of time overlap I was talking about šŸ™‚ She DID, in fact, alert him… either the sword was going to get him or free her brother so Felix could finish the fight… but she didn’t want a knife+hostage situation with the dust-cover being a bit thinner toward the edge :3

Gonna hop to Sun real fast next week, because she was supposed to meet up with Poco and Felix…

From a writing perspective, I don’t give away all the nuance, but if you missed it: the ‘Finally…’ from Felix – he *knows* he hasn’t checked in, so he’s been stalling since some sort of rescue party could help his situation… this is just recognizing he’s been waiting for it. ((way back in is where it’s mentioned he hadn’t checked in))

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Here comes the pain train! And I’ll assume Poco doesn’t have any Rogue skills (despite her looks)


She has a few, but… it’s not her expertise. She was able to gank that mage before he ever got a spell off (early in the comic), but there was so much cover that it wasn’t hard. I haven’t really shown it yet, or talked TOO much about it, but I’ll leave you with this – When Sun and Poco first met, Poco bested Sun in single combat.


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