Last Memories – 0078

…annnd closing out this scene on the hill top.

If you recall, I handled Sun’s flashbacks similarly when she bumped her head… I’ll prob keep that method if I ever do flashbacks. I know I’ve done it twice in the last 78, and while I always combine something of the present in them, I haaaaate doing flashbacks from a narrative standpoint.

This should be the last 6 panel for a bit, too.

<3 thanks for reading!

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Yeah, she might have some regrets on that… she takes more after elven soldiers though – methodical.


Yes and no – that would be super powerful and really quite rare. It’d be like something people heard about, but usually in the form of dark magic (like in the case of the Lich). There have been cases throughout history of magical resurrection though! Just silly-rare.


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