Cue the Music… – 0099

Cue the Music!!!


Ok, now using my inside voice…
I painted a LOT here… since I render all of these backgrounds, this one was KILLER. That 4th panel is MASSIVE. Also… I’m an idiot and I painted everything BEHIND the phoenix too… so… yeah, there’s that. Onward, to Number 100!

<3 you all! Thanks for reading and if you feel like helping boost my comic on, it's always appreciated!

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Throwing one of her two shortswords into a stalagmite on the side of the mountain? Did I forget something important? Did she lose her grip? Or is this some part of the her only partly illuminated grand plan for freeing her brother? I’m hoping for that last bit.
I particularly like the reflection of the phoenix’s after-trail/tail Poco’s eyes; it really highlights her fear.
I know the phoenix is on fire and moving fast which makes a blurred form appropriate, but it looks strange against the detailed background, like the phoenix is out of focus.
Still, very pretty.
Anyway, I never noticed before, but is Poco’s chest armor some kind of leather leotard? Or is that just how her armor is designed? If the latter, is there some historical framework providing a basis?


It’s apart of her cobbled together escape plan ^^ the next one was a lot of fun – so much action I get to put into these pages.
Oh! So…her armor design went like this: She’d have to steal a children’s leather jerkin back in the day, and she wears mostly the same armor -> Leather jerkins in the world are side-closing -> she’s got a bit of plump and her hips are too wide for the one she stole, also her sides would bind and rub bad if she was moving acrobatically -> easy fix: cut the corners off and cinch the edges! ^^


The next strip is a 4 panel – and her plan is completely unfurled and you’ll have a succinct idea for why she’s still hanging onto it šŸ˜‰


Ah. Yes, that makes sense now.
Happy 100!
Can’t seem to comment on today’s strip.


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