Anyone Home? – 0098

Whelp… things are about to get…. fiery.

Just to be clear – she has/had a plan… but as Mike Tyson famously said: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

The Mike Tyson of my fantasy world would probably say it like “Everybody has a plan until they get attacked by a mimic treasure chest or a bird made of fire.” …. probably.

Next page (0099) is my HUGE HONKING PAGE I’ve been going on about for the last several… I hope you dig it :3

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Check out my pal’s comic on amazon (or digital download), Satellite Falling – it’s a space-faring bounty hunter adventure! Also, it’s gorgeous!

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Somehow holding a potential phoenix egg just doesn’t sound like a good idea though it would be amusing if actually was a stupid rock and she tries to hand it to the phoenix as a gesture of peace. Looking to 0099 then.


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