Sweetums – 0043

Dawww ^^ – considering how rough my OCs will have it soon, I really do love them :3 There will be good times, there will be rough times… life as it were. Saw lots of new faces (e.g. analytics :P) and just wanted to say “WELCOME!” I hope you enjoy my comic and continue to… Read more »

Dagger Origins – 0041

update: I believe this to be a good change. Normally most fantasy writers would call this a ‘Phylactery’ – I have since opted for my own word. I had a conversation with a friend and she told me the origin of the word Phylactery. She did NOT ask me to change it – but considering… Read more »

Simple – 0040

Origin of the dagger coming shortly! :3 I got asked by a reader ‘Why do you jump around so much?’ and I figured it’s only fair to tell you. I kind of treat this like a TV show when I write – each person I’m following has a particular vantage point and I want to… Read more »

New Robe – 0014

Normally I try to put these up Monday, but I’m posting it early for the week! Thus ends my enigmatic cameo on my own comic (/insert ‘dust in the wind’ here 😛). Figured I’d get it out of the way early… So lots of new visitors to the site – I appreciate you visiting! If… Read more »

The Dagger – 0005

At least she is sincere and straight forward. Also, Nigel is a zombie of their word. At this point, I’ve sketched all the way to 036 (though, they take a bit to digitize), but I’ve written to 40-50 (I don’t keep an exact count on them while they’re written, because I’d rather the story flow… Read more »