Chapter 1 Epilogue, Part 4 – Final Part – 0129

Oh snap! Meet Ashley! The ‘Left Hand of Nigel’ – the rest of the lich – that’s been running around since Poco cut it off, has found a host… and a very willing one at that! This fully concludes Chapter 1. I’m gonna do a cover for it and some world building stuff next –… Read more »

Chapter 1 Epilogue, Part 3 – 0128

There he goes… bzzzt! This was a lot of fun drawing the spell effects :3 Would you take a skeletal hand’s offer for power? 1 more till we head into new territory with Poco and the gang! 😀

Chapter 1 Epilogue, Part 2 – 0127

My first draft of this had details about the trade festival they were going to… and that’s just boring lol. Lets put it this way… Ashley has a spot in the characters panel… this dude does not >.>;

Chapter 1 Epilogue, Part 1 – 0126

Into the Epilogue! The left-hand of Nigel is still clattering around! (* she’s referencing 0096 [link] ) Some of you don’t know this, but there are ‘alternate texts’ if you hover your mouse over each comic – sometimes its an extra joke, sometimes it’s me jabbering on – but I try to give a bit… Read more »

In a Rut – 0096

We haven’t seen Nigel’s severed hand in a while… annnnd we won’t again till the end of this chapter! 😛 Finished up strip 0099… omg that was a lot of work. 7 panels. Phew! Then onto nuber 0100!!! TRIPLE DIGITS DIGITIZED! Omg I’m excited! For the record, I listened to this on repeat while I… Read more »

Talk to the Hand – 0042

That hand’s still got some magical potency… poor puppers though – sure they’re demon-dogs, let loose upon this world, but I’m sure they’re still good dogs, Brent. To see why it’s still so potent, read the page before :3 Hey! You! Yeah, You! You should read my comic-pal’s webcomic… Lacey makes a good one called… Read more »

Dagger Origins – 0041

update: I believe this to be a good change. Normally most fantasy writers would call this a ‘Phylactery’ – I have since opted for my own word. I had a conversation with a friend and she told me the origin of the word Phylactery. She did NOT ask me to change it – but considering… Read more »

Loose Ends – 0019

Bonus comic this week – I’m a couple ahead in my backlog 😀 I re-did the background from when Poco and Nigel originally met. I’ll put get it into the original comics eventually – I’m planning on going back and reconciling all the older background with my current background style since I like it so… Read more »