Wing Woman – 0027

Just get Poco a few drinks and she’ll look out for your best interests…?

I’m still 3 ahead on strips, so Thursday gets the update! I’ll get that ‘Mermay’ strip out with a gold border* (making it known it’s not canon) soon enough, too.

*gold boarder stemming from Magic The Gathering** tournament legalities and anything with a gold boarder is not tournament legal.
**I’m an avid player.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend if you’re stateside and be safe! I’ve had a few too many friends make hardship for themselves due to not-well-thought-out choices (broken things, hangovers, horrible sunburns). So stay safe!

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This is great, it feels like the characters are really starting to open up and relax. I am 100% convinced now that there must be a few humanoids out there vying for Poco’s attention. She seems the type that gets a little pie eyed in the tavern.


Hah! Yeah, that wasnt actually intentional, it just didnt arise organically until later. I think when my concept was originally 7×11 pages it was told right away. 3 panels offers such smaller spaces but forces me to keep dialog succinct lacking pauses/reactions that are common to setting tones in manga/comics. ^^ but yes, I can 100% see how that could be an observation. My 2 main leads are ladies tho ^^


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