My Mean Face – 0086

Lots of new folks visiting! Hello!!! Welcome to Poco about to go postal >.>; in her own special way… she’s the diplomat of the pair – to a point.

I just finished the last episode of ‘Barry’ tonight on HBO – fantastic series. Pretty violent at times though, so heads up! It’s only 8 episodes long and Bill Hadar is great in it, but the rest of the cast knocks it out of the park.

I have a 12 panel comic that’s ‘non-canon’ (but kinda is?) I’ve already finished, that I’m trying to find a spot to post it that won’t break up the action much for folks that go through the archives… probably will have to wait to the end of the chapter though.

Anywho, thanks for dropping by! <3

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We had a roughly 4.5 hr downtime today due to a hosting database issue. It’s been since resolved.


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