Great and Powerful – 0036

Fireballs should probably be handled with a bit more care. We’ll officially meet Mog soon, but that was his errant fireball.

This is the sky I painted a while back that I was excited for… also I rendered the entire background (even behind Nigel) and sadly he covers a bit of it up… oh well – I’ll have it for later!

I’m enough ahead to have another update Thursday, so I’ll see y’all then!

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Hello there! I think you’re referring to ‘My Little Pony,’ with ‘MLP’ and while I’ve never really seen it, it may be a reference if they were riffing on The Wizard of Oz too (The wizard in his tower, with my title, ‘great and powerful’, being all knowing) – from what I know of that cartoon, they riff on some older media at times. Otherwise, it’s just a coincidence ^^;


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