Itty Bitty – 0147

This contains a small, but important tidbit about Sun: not only can she not really get drunk (way back in Strip 27, Poco demanded they all try, while tipsy), but she just processes toxins super fast. Also, fun bit – if it were a magical drink, then it’d act normal to her… since she’s magical…. Read more »

Pay Up – 0022

Poco would never let the booze dry up… OH! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Tonight – it was a blast! Also, I’ve been working on a ‘Mermay’ version of Poco (WIP here) Annnnd for a bit of something extra: I had dinner at a restaurant lately where they gave me crayons –… Read more »

Barkeep – 0021

Extra Thursday strip since I’m fairly caught up. Work on number 23 is almost completed and it has assets in it that took quite a long time to create, but will help out for several to come. At this point, we’ve had the cast you’ve known split up a bit while we world-build, but we’ll… Read more »