Deleterious Convincing – 0131

Onward from mourning – to more happy things! ((I literally had to retool this entire intro to chapter 2 a while back… it was depressing and… if this were a novel, it might be included for world building, but since it’s not, I’ll world-build elsewhere!)) You may go “why do they have suits in a… Read more »

Do No Harm – 0064

Ok, well… Doc was right… but too right. Next week we’ll be returning to the Waste Spires… so back to a bit more action-y stuff. We’re over halfway done with this chapter, btw, in case I hadn’t mentioned it already! Also folks: be excellent to each other. Seeya Monday! ^^

Unconventional Doc – 0063

No sulking, Nigel! I think Doc has a plan! I wanted to make sure to get y’all an extra comic on Thanksgiving. I know some readers aren’t from the U.S. and I just wanted to thank you all for reading my comic – It’s been brewing for a few years and I have nearly a… Read more »

Statuary – 0035

Poor bunny. Gorgons in this world don’t AUTOMATICALLY zap folks, but they can either intentionally do it, when startled or if they get too angry. Luckily this world has magic, so it’s reversible with some care. Movin’ along nicely, but I had an out of state function this last weekend, so I couldn’t be on… Read more »

Diagnosis – 0034

Back to Nigel for a couple. We’ll catch back up with Poco soon enough – she’s got planning to do. Did a painting of the sky, ya’ll will see in the background in a couple strips – kinda excited to show it off. :3 See ya’ll Monday!

Wing Woman – 0027

Just get Poco a few drinks and she’ll look out for your best interests…? I’m still 3 ahead on strips, so Thursday gets the update! I’ll get that ‘Mermay’ strip out with a gold border* (making it known it’s not canon) soon enough, too. *gold boarder stemming from Magic The Gathering** tournament legalities and anything… Read more »

Liquid Courage – 0024

I don’t think it’s technically cannibalism, but it might be >.>? Getting close to finishing the Mermay art – decided to make a separate-non-canon strip out of it too, but I’m not entirely sure how to post it without confusing folks on the story… any suggestions? If you haven’t subscribed or marked this comic as… Read more »

Doc – 0023

Extra comic today – I’m 3 ahead so ya’ll get another one! Doc the Minotaur doctor making his debut. Labyrinths just don’t produce enough returns in terror to justify their initial investment! I’m toying with the idea of creating an area to keep bonus art (like last week’s Mermay preview). Is that something ya’ll would… Read more »