The Boss – 013

Hello! If you came from some advertisements I put up, Welcome! If you found your way here otherwise, Welcome! And if you’ve already been reading, thank you!

The only way my comic will grow, e.g. what I can justify putting more money into, is via word of mouth and help – yeah ads help, but dang it’s not cheap.

Either way – glad to have ya!

If you run an ad-blocker, please white-list this site: it only has 1 google ad so far and it’s low impact, and helps me out. Thank you!

Oh hai thar!

So… you may wonder what this all is and what you’re doing here – that’s cool. No big deal.

This is my comic that I’ve been drawing for a while, though I’ve not colorized many – I have roughly 50 drawn up and word-ifyed ™.

While I know its sweet to see a comic every week, my motivation typically comes from comments/more people viewing my works. Even if you’re not a huge fan, maybe you know someone who would like it and share with them? Thank you kindly!

You can see me on @Pocoadventures on Twitter ^^