Advanced – 0138

Wiggles Reunited with Meg! And on to Nigel and Mog… by far my favorite bit of this strip was drawing Mogs confounded face, lol Lots happening in my life but I’m still finding time to update – just no time to promote, so if you can help out with that, most webcomics are found through… Read more »

And My Axe! – 0137

Larry HATES Wiggles – good thing they’re both background characters or I’d have to make a fight poster between a giant Lobster and Pig >.>; Ok, now I want that, lol. ((be sure to hover over the comic for this weeks’ alt-text… it’s a doozy lol)) thanks for reading! Help me out with some of… Read more »

Larry – 0136

Been a LONG time since I made Larry… I’ve wanted a Lobster-like species when I started this world – it kinda made sense to me since there are Lobsters in our real world that can literally grow as large as they have the strength to molt and eat (they’re technically biologically-immortal, so long as they… Read more »

Smear – 0072

Directly after Poco tosses the book in 0071 – I don’t blame Meg… it looks nasty >.< magical book tentacles with slimmmme! ewwww I'm going on a business trip this week - does anyone wanna see another gold board 'Poco in the modern world' type comic? let me know in the comments and I'll do... Read more »

Health Benefits – 0025

Extra comic Thursday! Marking 25… wow. When I started writing/sketching these a few years back, I didn’t know I’d actually get this many finished! A few have gone through some solid revisions, but the core story is still there. I have roughly 100 sketched and written out at the moment, when a few arcs in… Read more »