Passing Ennui – 0030

I’m 2.5 ahead right now, so I’ll go ahead and post one extra today with the knowledge I’ll have to crank a few more out to keep ahead, this weekend. I’m up to over a years worth of comics/story written and sketched though, so that’s no problem! I’ll see yall again on Monday – we’ll… Read more »

Disbelief – 0029

Happy Monday! We have a call-back to a previous comic, in this one. It’s linked here. I should have another one Thursday for everyone. I’m still 3 ahead :3 Seeya then!

Tula – 0028

Back to the story – I’m 3 ahead, so extra comic today! 🙂 The alt text of the comic says ghost, but technically Tula is a poltergeist. We’ll be exploring the entire gamut of fantasy creatures/characters with a plethora of dispositions. World building takes time.