Censored – 0056

‘Censored’ isn’t the actual title name, I just put a really terrible expletive there… ((jk)) Ok, so… this page changed from my original design QUITE a bit… I had a 3 panel gore-filled fight with Sun decidedly winning, but then I realized how few things in the fight I could show on any site I… Read more »

Go Time – 0052

((there is another bonus comic before this one, from my vacation!)) We’re underway to another adventure! Sun’s going in! :3 Next update is going to be Monday – it’s a double wide ((read: tall, not wide))- too much info for 3 panels. (technically I could do it, but spacing and timing would be really wonky)

Elven Finery – 0050

I can tell you 3 things are guaranteed in life – death, taxes, and laundry. O.O; Hurricane Irine really messed up my vacation plans… ugg. Ok, well… I’m going to have to look into what I can cancel/get back/if I’m going later. Really feel bad for the folks there regardless – that thing looks like… Read more »

Malfunction – 0049

Ghosts – they don’t really care about modesty – or embarrassment. I have a couple made up and a 3rd in the works (hope to finish it tomorrow), so it looks like I’ll be updating Thursday for y’all! I’ll be headed out to Disney Land eventually, so I may do sketch-updates along with my normal… Read more »

Sun’s Exodus – 0047

That was a pretty solid bump on the head to have a decent flashback like this! So, you have half of the how an elf came to be in these outcasts’ troupe… She’s not just any elf, but betrothed AND royalty. We’re still operating on a 1/week (mondays) update schedule till I get some leeway… Read more »

Poltergeisting – 0046

OUCH! Tula may be a bit too excited there… Ok, so it may not look like it, but that door and door frame were more of a bear to make than I thought they’d be… they took SO long to learn how to do properly. I made a good chunk of the hallway too since… Read more »

Passing Ennui – 0030

I’m 2.5 ahead right now, so I’ll go ahead and post one extra today with the knowledge I’ll have to crank a few more out to keep ahead, this weekend. I’m up to over a years worth of comics/story written and sketched though, so that’s no problem! I’ll see yall again on Monday – we’ll… Read more »

Disbelief – 0029

Happy Monday! We have a call-back to a previous comic, in this one. It’s linked here. I should have another one Thursday for everyone. I’m still 3 ahead :3 Seeya then!

Tula – 0028

Back to the story – I’m 3 ahead, so extra comic today! 🙂 The alt text of the comic says ghost, but technically Tula is a poltergeist. We’ll be exploring the entire gamut of fantasy creatures/characters with a plethora of dispositions. World building takes time.