Quandary of Duty – 0102

I’d think long and hard about approaching a phoenix, ultimately deciding it was my last terrible idea if I followed through… Thanks all for visiting comic!

Achievement Unlocked! – 0101

I don’t know how many Achievement points both of those is worth >.>; I’ve found I like painting clouds – but I hate how many I have to paint at a time, lol! Thank you all for reading so far – I can’t believe I’ve made it past 100 strips…if this were a comic with… Read more »

Ascent – 0091

Promised a massive establishing shot… oof! She has a plan… one Sun would likely not approve of… Thanks to all the new folks showing up and saying hello! If you haven’t said hello, that’s all good and I hope you enjoy my comic. Normally I try to update on occasional Thursdays, but lately since I… Read more »

Fan Dancing – 0089

This is, of course, a reference to Nichelle Nichols’ Fan Dance in “Star Trek 5 : The Final Frontier”, giving Poco even more agency…and erhm… an assertive role throwing daggers instead of 2 dudes with phasers >.>; If I did an AMA on my comic with Poco responding – that something you’d like?

Helm of Healing – 0088

Enjoy loading up your next RPG campaign with a HELM OF HEALING, that’s essentially a beer helm for healing potions. I’m sure your DM will thank me… (narrator: They will not) General stats in the ‘hover text’ if you mouse over the comic 😛 My kid was born yesterday!!! My wife was a beast and… Read more »

My Mean Face – 0086

Lots of new folks visiting! Hello!!! Welcome to Poco about to go postal >.>; in her own special way… she’s the diplomat of the pair – to a point. I just finished the last episode of ‘Barry’ tonight on HBO – fantastic series. Pretty violent at times though, so heads up! It’s only 8 episodes… Read more »

Crummy Surprise – 0084

I think these are some of my favorite panels I’ve done so far… too bad it’s for such a sucky surprise for Poco. Just saw Avengers Infinity Wars – all I’ll say is go see it! (no spoilers from me!) I’m posting updates of my sketches and more in-depth behind-the-scenes of my comic at my… Read more »

Last Memories – 0078

…annnd closing out this scene on the hill top. If you recall, I handled Sun’s flashbacks similarly when she bumped her head… I’ll prob keep that method if I ever do flashbacks. I know I’ve done it twice in the last 78, and while I always combine something of the present in them, I haaaaate… Read more »

Incompetence – 0077

*grabs neck furiously* ew ew ew blech! Dark humor aside, him bumping the super-razor-sharp-elven-steel into his own throat… there is one more comic of violence/implied violence until we hit a slightly different stride, but it’ll mostly be action-ish once Poco gets to the Waste Spires too! :3 As always, thanks for reading! I hope you’re… Read more »

Vengeance – 0076

FORCED PERSPECTIVE SWORRRRRD… you got red on you. Well the next comic I wrote like… 4 different ways and I had a hard time deciding which I wanted to do. I came up with a compromise that I really love though, so I hope you enjoy something… unexpected. I wanna give a shoutout to some… Read more »