Censored – 0056

‘Censored’ isn’t the actual title name, I just put a really terrible expletive there… ((jk)) Ok, so… this page changed from my original design QUITE a bit… I had a 3 panel gore-filled fight with Sun decidedly winning, but then I realized how few things in the fight I could show on any site I… Read more »

Threats – 0055

Well, that escalated quickly… Just a note for my world – Elven royalty does indeed have that clause about direct threats ((so she is following laws she grew up with)). She needed to clear out the teleportation area anyway… so…. violence incoming? We’ll have more jokes soon – drama and action have a bit more… Read more »

Disarm? – 0054

Looks like they’re starting off on the wrong foot… Happy Thursday folks! Hope you’re enjoying the story so far – I know this isn’t a ‘funny-haha’ one, but I needed a story beat with a bit more of a dramatic tone. Thanks all

Waste Spire Patrol – 0053

uh oh, looks like someone got unlucky with a patrol going by at the wrong time… You get to see part of the map of the world, scale, and the fact that the world has 2 moons… getting outside of the Outpost is fun :3 I’m trying to move through these parts kinda fast so… Read more »

Go Time – 0052

((there is another bonus comic before this one, from my vacation!)) We’re underway to another adventure! Sun’s going in! :3 Next update is going to be Monday – it’s a double wide ((read: tall, not wide))- too much info for 3 panels. (technically I could do it, but spacing and timing would be really wonky)

Awumbuk – 0051

If you’re wondering why Poco wouldn’t go in herself right away, it’s mentioned briefly a couple back: Goblins are usually killed on sight by just about anyone – Sun does not that have that problem as an elf. I’m on vacation this week – got diverted from Disney b/c Hurricane Irma, so I’m in Las… Read more »

Elven Finery – 0050

I can tell you 3 things are guaranteed in life – death, taxes, and laundry. O.O; Hurricane Irine really messed up my vacation plans… ugg. Ok, well… I’m going to have to look into what I can cancel/get back/if I’m going later. Really feel bad for the folks there regardless – that thing looks like… Read more »

Malfunction – 0049

Ghosts – they don’t really care about modesty – or embarrassment. I have a couple made up and a 3rd in the works (hope to finish it tomorrow), so it looks like I’ll be updating Thursday for y’all! I’ll be headed out to Disney Land eventually, so I may do sketch-updates along with my normal… Read more »

Sun’s Exodus – 0047

That was a pretty solid bump on the head to have a decent flashback like this! So, you have half of the how an elf came to be in these outcasts’ troupe… She’s not just any elf, but betrothed AND royalty. We’re still operating on a 1/week (mondays) update schedule till I get some leeway… Read more »