Incompetence – 0077

*grabs neck furiously* ew ew ew blech! Dark humor aside, him bumping the super-razor-sharp-elven-steel into his own throat… there is one more comic of violence/implied violence until we hit a slightly different stride, but it’ll mostly be action-ish once Poco gets to the Waste Spires too! :3 As always, thanks for reading! I hope you’re… Read more »

Vengeance – 0076

FORCED PERSPECTIVE SWORRRRRD… you got red on you. Well the next comic I wrote like… 4 different ways and I had a hard time deciding which I wanted to do. I came up with a compromise that I really love though, so I hope you enjoy something… unexpected. I wanna give a shoutout to some… Read more »

False Pride – 0075

I said their would be blood… and next week is no different. Violence and implied violence for the next few as we’re coming upon the crescendo of our introductory chapter to Poco Adventures. We’re on number 75 right now in the intro. There are (I think 25-30) left before we hit the epilogue. I won’t… Read more »

Gold Coin – Non-Canon Comic

My vacation comic! I drew this on the plane, did some edits in the hotel, arrangements on the way back, finalizing the day I got back. I’ll put out an ‘in-canon’ comic soon ^^

Christmas 2017 – Non-Canon Comic

My original holiday comic was 19 panels long – no joke… well lots of jokes, but too long. I’ll prob try to do it next year. It was sweet. Whatever or however you celebrate this season, please be safe! If you’re with family, or friends, or bringing in the New Year solo, just remember to… Read more »

Envy – 0067

Oof. Honestly, this one and the previous one were hard to write – I’m not a fan of this sort of tension. It reminds me too much of the knife scene from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (my least favorite scene). Miller shall return, but he’s gone to sleep now for quite some time. I have a… Read more »

Parley – 0066

Miller is in a rough spot, but Sun seems keen on only neutralizing threats – so he’s pretty much safe. She’s in a place where she needs the lay of the land – only makes sense to snag someone with more info. I’m gonna see if I can crank out a holiday comic – I… Read more »

Absconded – 0065

Just a little late night-stroll… gone horribly awry. I’m gonna try to build a back-log of comics again – I’m in the midst of trying to finish up a short story though (comic-art of course), that I’ll post in it’s entirety when I’m done. I’ll likely post it on Webtoons and post an episode a… Read more »

Halloween 2017 – Non-Canon Comic

Hope you enjoyed the extra comic this week (and so quickly after yesterday’s update!) Thanks for reading! I really appreciate you all stopping by!

Censored – 0056

‘Censored’ isn’t the actual title name, I just put a really terrible expletive there… ((jk)) Ok, so… this page changed from my original design QUITE a bit… I had a 3 panel gore-filled fight with Sun decidedly winning, but then I realized how few things in the fight I could show on any site I… Read more »