Black Friday Zeal – Non-Canon Comic

A gold-border one today about black friday :3 I know it’s not a canon comic, but I had a few things to say about this: I’ve worked Black Friday a few times in different aspects, back in the day: in retail AND in the food industry. Neither is ‘normal’ as an employee. Personally I’ve had… Read more »

Run For It! – 0113

Time for our heroes to cheese it! … right? Been a super long week – omg. I’m so happy to have a few days off. Happy Thanksgiving all! Please remember to vote on Topwebcomics! Like on Facebook! Like on Comic-Rocket! Favorite on The Webcomic List! Bookmark on Webtoons! Bookmark on Tapas!

Settle Up – 0112

Direct call-back to comic 0092 – Mustache 🙂 I’m soooo looking forward to holiday break – I’m just exhausted with work, coaching, art, being a new dad… dang is it all a lot. Can’t wait to have a few days to just relax 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the comic! Thanks for reading! Please remember to… Read more »

Stabby Time – 0111

So they’re definitely at odds with how they operate… Poco would 100% hit someone while they’re down if the ends justified the means… while Felix would have an ethical dilemma with that…while locked in combat, if Felix were to kill an opponent, he’d have no issue with that. Anywho, thanks for reading! I hope you’re… Read more »

Multipurpose Throw – 0109

Here is that bit of time overlap I was talking about 🙂 She DID, in fact, alert him… either the sword was going to get him or free her brother so Felix could finish the fight… but she didn’t want a knife+hostage situation with the dust-cover being a bit thinner toward the edge :3 Gonna… Read more »

Intervention – 0108

… and finally Poco reaches her destination… :3 Felix is hinting at a touch of depression, btw… but by the gods he is such a tough gobbo. This comic and the next one are slightly ‘time-shrunk’ e.g. the timing overlaps a tad… don’t worry, we stay with this action, but you’ll see what I mean… Read more »

Beach Vacation 2018 – Non-Canon Comic

BEACH VACATION DAY! I had a long work-trip this week and it resulted in my ability to only draw in a sketch book… so I inked all the panels in the sketch book and slapped together a comic… I went pretty detailed on 2 of the panels… I hope you enjoy it ^^ Please remember… Read more »

Goblin Advantage – 0107

‘Dust-goblin’s are careless with swords >.>; So, as a story teller, I’m not huge on ‘telling instead of showing,’ but in certain cases I can do both and it makes sense – expositional boxes in my comic can accomplish a lot in such a little space with a few complimentary panels :3 Thanks for reading!… Read more »

Dead Men Tell No Tales – 0106

Oooo! LOOT! Glad she didn’t snag the undies in the background…. would be an awkward thing >.>; Just as a side-note as to ‘why would she stop if she’s so pressed for time’ – this took all of like 5 seconds for her, annnnd she’s slightly opportunistic, let alone, vast wealth is how she funds… Read more »

Schadenfreude – 0104

Ever the pragmatist and realist at odds… and the thief. Been so tired lately – I really appreciate you stopping by and reading my comic