Lets Get Physical – 0095

So… I’ve worked all week on 1 panel for upcoming #0099… I honestly kinda feel like Poco in the last panel, lol. I’ve learned new painting techniques for some of my ‘painted portions’ of this comic (digital of course), but while they’re similar to how I learned to do stuff in traditional media (acrylic mostly… Read more »

Ascent – 0091

Promised a massive establishing shot… oof! She has a plan… one Sun would likely not approve of… Thanks to all the new folks showing up and saying hello! If you haven’t said hello, that’s all good and I hope you enjoy my comic. Normally I try to update on occasional Thursdays, but lately since I… Read more »

Fan Dancing – 0089

This is, of course, a reference to Nichelle Nichols’ Fan Dance in “Star Trek 5 : The Final Frontier”, giving Poco even more agency…and erhm… an assertive role throwing daggers instead of 2 dudes with phasers >.>; If I did an AMA on my comic with Poco responding – that something you’d like?

Helm of Healing – 0088

Enjoy loading up your next RPG campaign with a HELM OF HEALING, that’s essentially a beer helm for healing potions. I’m sure your DM will thank me… (narrator: They will not) General stats in the ‘hover text’ if you mouse over the comic 😛 My kid was born yesterday!!! My wife was a beast and… Read more »

My Mean Face – 0086

Lots of new folks visiting! Hello!!! Welcome to Poco about to go postal >.>; in her own special way… she’s the diplomat of the pair – to a point. I just finished the last episode of ‘Barry’ tonight on HBO – fantastic series. Pretty violent at times though, so heads up! It’s only 8 episodes… Read more »

Crummy Surprise – 0084

I think these are some of my favorite panels I’ve done so far… too bad it’s for such a sucky surprise for Poco. Just saw Avengers Infinity Wars – all I’ll say is go see it! (no spoilers from me!) I’m posting updates of my sketches and more in-depth behind-the-scenes of my comic at my… Read more »

Ruinous Path – 0080

Happy Comic birthday! Over 3 years ago I started building the world and put my first 5 comics up on my main website… then 2 years later I jumped in full boar. So the webcomic birthday falls on the same week as my own birthday (this week :D). Poco is real close to joining the… Read more »

Reflection – 0074

Howdy folks! Treasure the quiet moments as much as you treasure the exciting ones :3 Kinda a soppy one, I know i know… but next week… I promise – there will be blood, violence, and implied violence and I’m giving ya fair warning now! Also, next week is a double strip (e.g. 6 panels)… and… Read more »

Judge a Book – 0073

Dang the librarian is gonna be mad about all those frozen, burnt, and gravel laden pages @.@; Prob gonna revoke that library card! After the next update (after 0074) there is some implied violence and actual violence and I’m just giving you a heads up now 🙂

Gold Coin – Non-Canon Comic

My vacation comic! I drew this on the plane, did some edits in the hotel, arrangements on the way back, finalizing the day I got back. I’ll put out an ‘in-canon’ comic soon ^^