Destination Waste Spires – 0033

Annnd we meet Felix in a precarious predicament. Poor Felix. Next time we’ll hop to Nigel and see what he’s been up to. Seeya Thursday – I’m ahead enough to post one then too! 🙂

Greenhorn – 0032

Trucking along! I’m a few ahead so, extra one today! Monday will be the second to last of the main cast members for a while. Poco’s brother and Mog remain. I’ll update the character page with pics when I get a chance! I’ll see ya’ll Monday! Thanks for reading ^^

Langa, The Runner – 0031

Langa’s mohawk is one of my favorite things I’ve drawn in forever. It doesn’t seem like much, I’m sure, but it took me hours to get that right, about 2 years ago when I was writing these initially. Also, if you have got to ‘go’ – Langa gives good hugs… I’ve been watching a TON… Read more »

Passing Ennui – 0030

I’m 2.5 ahead right now, so I’ll go ahead and post one extra today with the knowledge I’ll have to crank a few more out to keep ahead, this weekend. I’m up to over a years worth of comics/story written and sketched though, so that’s no problem! I’ll see yall again on Monday – we’ll… Read more »

Aside strip – MerMay 2017

This comic isn’t canon, but it completes my oath to do a ‘Mermay 2017’ piece… the first panel being some 6k 300dpi monster of an art piece. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a smaller version here if you’re interested (1200×600 some-odd. Let me know if you want a diff size!) I still have 3 more… Read more »

Wing Woman – 0027

Just get Poco a few drinks and she’ll look out for your best interests…? I’m still 3 ahead on strips, so Thursday gets the update! I’ll get that ‘Mermay’ strip out with a gold border* (making it known it’s not canon) soon enough, too. *gold boarder stemming from Magic The Gathering** tournament legalities and anything… Read more »

Liquid Courage – 0024

I don’t think it’s technically cannibalism, but it might be >.>? Getting close to finishing the Mermay art – decided to make a separate-non-canon strip out of it too, but I’m not entirely sure how to post it without confusing folks on the story… any suggestions? If you haven’t subscribed or marked this comic as… Read more »

Doc – 0023

Extra comic today – I’m 3 ahead so ya’ll get another one! Doc the Minotaur doctor making his debut. Labyrinths just don’t produce enough returns in terror to justify their initial investment! I’m toying with the idea of creating an area to keep bonus art (like last week’s Mermay preview). Is that something ya’ll would… Read more »

Pay Up – 0022

Poco would never let the booze dry up… OH! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Tonight – it was a blast! Also, I’ve been working on a ‘Mermay’ version of Poco (WIP here) Annnnd for a bit of something extra: I had dinner at a restaurant lately where they gave me crayons –… Read more »

Barkeep – 0021

Extra Thursday strip since I’m fairly caught up. Work on number 23 is almost completed and it has assets in it that took quite a long time to create, but will help out for several to come. At this point, we’ve had the cast you’ve known split up a bit while we world-build, but we’ll… Read more »