Schadenfreude – 0104

Ever the pragmatist and realist at odds… and the thief. Been so tired lately – I really appreciate you stopping by and reading my comic

A Terrible Lookout – 0103

That armored soldier lasted less time than a red-shirt on an away mission with Kirk, Spock, and MCcoy… When I was writing this and world building, I always thought “dang… some poor person is gonna have to get impaled by one of these stalactites”. When I finally got to a place I could use it,… Read more »

Achievement Unlocked! – 0101

I don’t know how many Achievement points both of those is worth >.>; I’ve found I like painting clouds – but I hate how many I have to paint at a time, lol! Thank you all for reading so far – I can’t believe I’ve made it past 100 strips…if this were a comic with… Read more »

Rapid Egress – 0100

100!!!… ONE HUNDREDDDDDDD WOOO!!! WE GOT THERE! YEEHAW! So – as you can see… her plan was to piss-off the phoenix and get it to chase her so she has some -cough- firepower versus the 30 in camp. I’m gonna link the uncut version of Panel 4 here (it’s cropped to fit, of course)… If… Read more »

Cue the Music… – 0099

Cue the Music!!! RUN YOU WONDERFUL GREEN GOOBER, RUN! Ok, now using my inside voice… I painted a LOT here… since I render all of these backgrounds, this one was KILLER. That 4th panel is MASSIVE. Also… I’m an idiot and I painted everything BEHIND the phoenix too… so… yeah, there’s that. Onward, to Number… Read more »

Anyone Home? – 0098

Whelp… things are about to get…. fiery. Just to be clear – she has/had a plan… but as Mike Tyson famously said: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The Mike Tyson of my fantasy world would probably say it like “Everybody has a plan until they get attacked by a… Read more »

Stairway to Embarrassment – 0097

Ok, I’ve 100% done some crap like poor Poco… just not climbing mountains. This whole sequence of several comics has been in the works for years… I can’t wait for you all to be able to see them in order and succession :3 Also, 101, you’ll learn a bit about how Poco and Sun met…>.>;… Read more »

Lets Get Physical – 0095

So… I’ve worked all week on 1 panel for upcoming #0099… I honestly kinda feel like Poco in the last panel, lol. I’ve learned new painting techniques for some of my ‘painted portions’ of this comic (digital of course), but while they’re similar to how I learned to do stuff in traditional media (acrylic mostly… Read more »

Ascent – 0091

Promised a massive establishing shot… oof! She has a plan… one Sun would likely not approve of… Thanks to all the new folks showing up and saying hello! If you haven’t said hello, that’s all good and I hope you enjoy my comic. Normally I try to update on occasional Thursdays, but lately since I… Read more »

Fan Dancing – 0089

This is, of course, a reference to Nichelle Nichols’ Fan Dance in “Star Trek 5 : The Final Frontier”, giving Poco even more agency…and erhm… an assertive role throwing daggers instead of 2 dudes with phasers >.>; If I did an AMA on my comic with Poco responding – that something you’d like?