It’s Fine. – 0124

Bittersweet victory… and no confirmation for Ryker’s fate for Poco… But you’ll know! Next week! :3 Stay tuned – it’s a true game-changer and I don’t use that lightly. Then we’ll hop into the epilogue and expand the world a bit… Then into Chapter 2! Be sure to do all these links and help the… Read more »

Eye Contact – 0119

RIP Phoenix 🙁 Even has the javelin still in there… Poco certainly didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt, let alone killed – She probably wouldn’t have thought it was possible for them to take it out… “but alas, poor Yorick.” I’m letting you know in advance – there is an epilogue to Chapter… Read more »

Bad Choices, Pa – Uh What?! – 0118

Ryker is a bit of a boss… and Poco really didn’t intend for the Phoenix to get hurt… let alone take a javelin to the head – she didn’t think anything would really hurt it. I’d say painting that second panel was probably one of my favorite things to do… the fire against the smoke,… Read more »

Bad Choices, Part 1: Hubris – 0117

So the title is: Bad Choices. In all hindsight and movies you could point to – ‘Lets watch me win’ is halfway up there – especially if you’re already in the midst of winning. It’s like watching a stock you have go up and up and relishing in your genius for buying it right before… Read more »

Shizamura – Non-Canon Guest Comic

Omg I love this guest piece 😀 I know it’s a few days without canon-story – some of the next few pages are… complex. I’m still trying to provide great content and Shizamura here did this for me a few weeks back! Shizamura’s site is here: Great art all the time from Shizamura :3… Read more »

Holiday Comic 2018 – Non-Canon Comic

Hey there! Thanks for an awesome year! I really hope you’ve been enjoying the comic as much as I enjoy making it! This Thursday we’ll have a guest comic from @Shizamura on Twitter. Just absolutely wicked-good art… I can’t wait to show you! Shizamura’s site is here so you can get a solid idea of… Read more »

Background Action – 0115

So I tried something special with this one: It has a bunch of background (the pheonix heating up, going blue and white-hot, and crashing into the middle tent) stuff happening at the same time as the foreground… I almost missed my deadline because of it, lol. It was quite a bit to based on the… Read more »

Black Friday Zeal – Non-Canon Comic

A gold-border one today about black friday :3 I know it’s not a canon comic, but I had a few things to say about this: I’ve worked Black Friday a few times in different aspects, back in the day: in retail AND in the food industry. Neither is ‘normal’ as an employee. Personally I’ve had… Read more »

Run For It! – 0113

Time for our heroes to cheese it! … right? Been a super long week – omg. I’m so happy to have a few days off. Happy Thanksgiving all! Please remember to vote on Topwebcomics! Like on Facebook! Like on Comic-Rocket! Favorite on The Webcomic List! Bookmark on Webtoons! Bookmark on Tapas!